About Meredith Marshall Nelson CD(DONA)

Meredith Nelson San Jose DoulaMy life’s mission is to help women identify and access their inherent power, and thrive as they make their own choices confidently.

I specialize in preparing clients for unmedicated birth, and for ALL clients I emphasize the daily practices and movements that will promote a stable pregnancy, optimal strength/flexibility and fetal positioning for birth, and a smooth recovery. I have detailed knowledge, systematic methods, and personal experience to help clients prepare for all of the above. When it comes to your birth and parenting, I have no crusades, no personal agenda. I support your informed choices. I am equally skilled in supporting a woman with an epidural, a woman giving birth via cesarean, and a woman squatting from a birth bar! I serve the greater Charlottesville area.

If you are seeking compassionate attention and evidence-based research during pregnancy, experienced physical and emotional support during labor, and a steady presence for you and your family throughout your transition, let’s get in touch. My desire is that your birth and postpartum experience will be positive, empowering, and joyful for you.

My education has little to do with birth work! But it has deeply contributed to who I am. I have a MA in Middle Eastern Studies, and a BA in History, with a minor in Music (violin). My graduate work took me to live in the Middle East for four summer semesters, and my other travels have found me in over twenty countries. After grad school, during which I managed my large violin studio, I taught as a full-time language professor for several years. I completed my doula training during that period, having felt a strong call to birth work. While I maintain my academic pursuits, I now work professionally as a certified doula.

With my husband and two children, I spend my spare time in the outdoors! We love the hills, rivers and trails of Charlottesville and the Blue Ridge. I believe a happy life is filled with supportive people, wholesome food, continuous learning, and movement in nature. And a little Bach never hurt anyone.

I look forward to supporting you and your family through the excitement and the challenges of this transition.

Training and Experience

DONA San Jose Doula

    Certified Birth Doula (DONA International)
    Pre-certified Postpartum Doula (ProDoula)
    Rebozo Certified (Gena Kirby method)
    Movement Ecology During Pregnancy workshop (with Katy Bowman)
    DONA International Birth Doula Training
    ProDoula Postpartum Doula Training

Rebozo San Jose Doula

    Spinning Babies Training with Gail Tully
    Breastfeeding Basics Training
    Gena Kirby Method Rebozo Training
    Optimal Fetal Positioning Class, Cornerstone Midwifery
    Bradley Method course
    Lamaze course
    Monthly peer review
    Regular birth conferences and webinars
    I have supported births in 16 different hospitals, and have worked with a wide variety of OBs, CNMs, and nurses. I also have supported home births attended by licensed midwives.