Labor Support

Wondering how I’ll help you during your labor? There are lots of crazy ideas out there about what doulas do. Do we chant and burn incense? Do we wrestle the nurses and doctors whom we feel are disrupting the birth plan? The answer is that at your birth I will support YOU physically and emotionally, and I will help YOU know what questions to ask so you can make informed decisions. I’m there to support you and your partner every step of the way, and I will never speak on your behalf.

Now for the good stuff!

Newborn San Jose Doula

I’ll join you during labor whenever you ask me to come. Once there I will do the following, as needed and desired:

  • Support and guide your partner in his/her support of you
  • Give hands-on physical support to relieve discomfort and reduce pain
  • Suggest positions, activities, and movements that will promote labor progress and comfort
  • Provide comfort measures such as counter-pressure, hydrotherapy, heat and cold, rebozo methods or massage
  • Remind you of all your birth options, and discuss risks and benefits, so you can make informed decisions
  • Support ALL of your choices, but never make them for you
  • See to the physical comfort of both you and your partner
  • Facilitate communication between you and your partner
  • Facilitate communication between you and the staff or care provider(s)
  • Offer words of encouragement and visualizations to help you achieve your goals
  • Stay with you 1-2 hours after the birth to assist with initial feeding