Postpartum Visits

Postpartum doula San JoseMany couples find that, while they researched and prepared like mad for the birth, they didn’t think much about what life with the newborn would be like. I encourage all parents-to-be to design a postpartum plan, just as you would a birth plan, to be ready to bring baby home.

Even with all your strategies and support systems in place, having professional postpartum support can make a world of difference in your adjustment to life with your new baby. I offer consistent, non-judgmental support to you and your family. I honor your choices and help you toward your goals.

Here are some things I might do at a postpartum visit, to encourage your smooth transition:

  • Provide breast- or bottle-feeding support and strategies
  • Prepare snacks or simple meals
  • Listen to your feelings, fears, hopes, and memories, and provide encouragement and support
  • Discuss your birth experience and support your recovery
  • Help you find up-to-date information on newborn equipment, procedures, and needs
  • Care for your baby while you get a blessed shower or much-needed nap
  • Do light housework so you can focus on feeding and bonding with your baby
  • Provide strategies to help older children adjust, and spend time with them while you care for your newborn — OR hold your newborn while your toddler gets some mommy-time
  • Demonstrate safe baby-wearing, swaddling, bathing, etc. as requested
  • Provide referrals to other trusted professionals, such as lactation consultants, pediatricians, nannies, or postpartum therapists

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