I offer continuous support that spans your pregnancy, your labor, and the early postpartum period. I’m here to give you solid labor support, and/or as your postpartum doula I will help you and your family find your rhythm as you make your way across this sometimes daunting bridge to new parenthood or a new child. Please contact me for a complimentary in-person consultation.

Birth Doula San Jose


What I Do For You

Labor Support

At your birth I will support you physically and emotionally, and I will help you know what questions to ask so you can make informed decisions. I’ll provide continuous support from the moment you call until your baby is born — and after!
Read more about how I will support you during labor.

Prenatal Visits

I’ll come to your home for up to two prenatal visits before the birth. During these visits I’ll become familiar with you and your birth preferences, your past birth experiences and your hopes for this one, and the role you hope I will fill at your birth. I’ll provide information and resources that will help you as you make your plans! We’ll also discuss techniques and strategies for both you and your partner that will help you toward your birth goals.
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Postpartum Visits

As your birth doula, I visit your home for one postpartum visit. But good news! I am also a postpartum doula, and can offer you continuity of care through your first few weeks postpartum. If you did not hire me as your birth doula, I would still be glad to support your postpartum adjustment and recovery. I provide non-judgmental, professional and compassionate support to new mothers and fathers.
Read about what I do at a postpartum visit.

Remote Consultation

All of my birth and postpartum packages include email and phone consultation! But I also offer remote consultation to couples who do not hire me as their doula. I will answer questions about birth and postpartum options, provide referrals and resources, or just provide a professional sounding board as you work out your decisions. I will always respond in a timely, non-judgmental, and helpful manner.